Building a Custom Home with Bardwell Homes

Nov 28, 2023

Bardwell Homes can help you build your dream home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It doesn’t matter where you are in the custom home building process. We offer a well designed, custom home construction process plus professional guidance from groundbreaking to move in day.

Building a Custom Home

Start Here 

At Bardwell Homes, we understand that choosing to build a custom home is a significant investment of time and money. We also know it can pay off in the most satisfying ways to make it all worth it.

Our entire team will work with you to build a home that caters to you in every way. We are dedicated to creating a home that fits your family’s lifestyle, needs, and adds your personal touch. When you build a custom home, you can choose everything from the layout to the finishes, including paint colors and tiles.

Building a Custom Home

The Bardwell Process

Step number one in our custom home building process is securing your finances and land. Where you choose to build is just as important as how! If you already own your land or lot, that is great, and we would love to get to work.

custom home building process

Pick your Lot

If you haven’t chosen a lot for your home, you can pick one in Bardwell’s communities in Greater Baton Rouge. The advantage of choosing a lot is that the site is build ready. Developers must first prepare land and install utilities before building homes. This requires time and money.

process of building a custom home

Things to Consider When Picking your Lot

Making the extremely important decision of choosing the perfect spot for your house is crucial. When considering the location of your next home, you need to weigh multiple factors, including:

Proximity to Essential Places: How far are your workplace, schools, and shopping areas? Choose a distance to travel that suits your lifestyle and preferences, especially if you have or want children.

Tailoring to Lifestyle: Understanding your habits and hobbies is crucial. Are you drawn to nature and gardening? Do you seek an active lifestyle with opportunities for walks or bike rides? Or do you prefer bustling areas with ample activity?

Ensuring Safety: Feeling secure in your chosen location is crucial. Thoroughly investigate safety statistics and data before finalizing a location.

In the end, your chosen location for your custom home will significantly influence your daily life. It’s where you’ll begin relationships, raise a family, and enjoy local activities. While a location may seem ideal initially, it’s essential to envision how it will suit your life in the long haul.

building a custom home process

Design the Floor Plan

After organizing your finances and deciding on a location, the next step is to create a blueprint for the home. This is your chance to make the home uniquely yours.

You may be thinking, “What if I do not have or know of an architect to even start with?” No worries, we have thought about that for you. We work with amazing architects that we consider part of the Bardwell team that we can connect you with. They would love to have the opportunity to work with you and create the house plan you’ve been dreaming of.

After you buy land and finish your floor plans, we calculate the total cost of constructing your house. We provide funding for the specific areas you select. We also offer a planned timeline for home construction.

Additionally, we have a schedule in place for when you can receive funds during the construction process. This schedule is based on the plan and timeline that we have established. The draws fund your custom home build through different stages.

how to build a custom home

Design Phase

Now it’s time for you to design and bring your style and touch into your home! You can personalize each element with finishes hand selected by you and the guidance of professional designers.

Don’t have a designer in mind? We have that covered there too. We can connect you with some amazing designers that will make this process easy for you.

build a custom home

Let’s Build!

Next, once we have approval on everything, you get to see your plans come to life and we begin the full construction process! Our team of professionals stays in contact with you and keeps you up to date through the construction phases of your house.

When the time comes, we schedule on site final walkthroughs with you that help guide you through the build and see the progress first hand. We schedule a home orientation and a final walk through with you to see the finished work of your design and home.

process of building a custom home

Sign. Sealed. Delivered!

The final step of the Bardwell process is closing. This is where you receive the keys to your brand new home, which we designed and built exclusively for you! It’s time to move in, settle down, and enjoy the next chapter of life.

custom home building process

Invest in Your Future

Building a home is an investment in your family’s future. As home builders in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Bardwell Homes takes pride in building well designed homes that families will treasure for a lifetime.

Our home construction process helps create a home that is uniquely yours. Build a custom home for personalization, quality, energy-efficiency, and love where you live.

Contact Bardwell Homes today to get started on the journey that takes you home!