Meet Your Bardwell Selections Team

Dec 14, 2021

Your Bardwell Selections Team

As a potential homeowner, one of the most unique and exciting benefits of working with Bardwell Homes is the selections process. There’s a talented group of people that work on the Bardwell team diligently to serve our clients and make the pre-sold experience a breeze.

Andria Ivey (left), Design Coordinator, and Cimone Lynch (right), Client Relations

Cimone is the homeowner’s experienced liaison. She walks hand-in-hand with clients through the entire process—providing consistent communication, updates, and helpful guidance along the way. She will be your main contact for all of your questions and will make sure that you are in the loop about progress on your home. She is passionate about applying her understanding of the construction process to her relationship with the client so that you can be at ease and enjoy the experience of building your curated home.

Andria is your personal design coordinator. Her role on the team is to help clients know what selection materials are needed and be the homeowners’ guide in creating the look they want in their home. She is here to bring your vision to life! Whether you are experienced in design or struggle to know how to achieve what you are imagining, her expertise will make the process simple and easy.

“It’s exciting to work with a variety of styles and tastes to create homes that are unique to each client’s personality.” – Andria Ivey

Having an in-house team is a huge benefit to the homeowner. While many custom homebuilders have to do all the work to find land, contractors, vendors and materials, our team is using their expertise to put together all the needed components of building a high-quality home for you. Additionally, our selections and purchasing departments vet materials and vendors from a large pool of options and narrow it down to curated list for you to choose from. They also maintain close relationships with vendors, which improves our timelines and minimizes delays.

The Selections Team works hard to ensure an enjoyable process and high-quality outcome for pre-sold clients. If you’re interested in exploring your options of pre-sold homes, we’d love to answer your questions and talk about your ideas. Call us at (225) 325-0707 to start exploring!

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